3 Reasons to Choose South Bay Windshield

Free Mobile Service-South Bay Windshield is a mobile service and will come to your home or office. You won't waste gas or time waiting at the repair shop.

Experience-We've repaired over 1000 windshields and restored hundreds of Headlights over the past 4 years.

Quality Service-We take the time to do Quality Work. Repairs and Restorations take approximately 45 - 60 minutes to complete. Shops that quote low prices or quick fixes are "cutting corners". I am often called to "fix" failed repairs from other shops. I treat your car as it was my own.

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Windshield Chip Repair

The primary purpose of the repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass and to prevent the chip from spreading. You have seen windshields with cracks going across the glass....that started with a small chip that was ignored by the owner and not repaired!

Repaired Windshields Restore:
Structural Integrity: 99%
Cosmetic Appearance: 90%-95%

Repairing your windshield helps the environment. Windshields that are replaced go into the landfill since they cannot be recycled.

Replacing your windshield disturbs the Factory Seal and can cause water to leak if not installed properly.

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Headlight Restoration

Over a period of time, headlights become cloudy or have a hazy look. This is caused by UV rays, weather, and chemicals which degrade the look and function of your acrylic headlight lenses. This is not just a cosmetic issue. Clouded lenses reduce the amount of light your headlights can produce at night. South Bay Windshield utilizes one of the best systems in the industry that removes the oxidation, and then applies a UV Sealer specially formulated for acrylic and plastic lenses. Some Headlight Restoration Specialist may only clean your lens and others may just apply a new sealer. South Bay Windshield takes the time to do both!
In a matter of minutes, South Bay Windshield will restore the clarity back to your old oxidized lenses.

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